Clint Cornell PA-C at Peak Performance Medical



You have taken adequate medical insurance to guard against the uncertainties of health in your old age.  You think you are sufficiently covered against any eventuality, but when illness strikes you discover that you need to join the end of the queue on the waiting list and that does not bode well for you and your clinical discomforts.  Well, there is no reason to wring your hands in despair – Peak Performance Medical offers you a quick and plausible solution.

Peak Performance Medical:  

What is Peak Performance Medical? It is a unique medical arrangement that offers you immediate and easy access to a doctor and treatment.  As Clint Cornell PA-C says it “is a new way to offer old style family medicine”.

At Peak Performance Medical, the number of patients a doctor sees is limited; on an average, the doctor sees only about 7 – 8 patients a day.  Your deduction is correct, the doctor has more time for you; he is not rushed, he has time to listen to your medical history, your current illness and make a correct and accurate diagnosis.

Clint Cornell is now working with Peak Performance Medical, Cincinnati  – given his innate qualities,  patience, understanding, transparency in all medical matters and the time factor that Peak Performance Medical affords him, you can be sure of excellent medical treatment.

To become a member of Peak Performance Medical, you pay a monthly retainer.  Peak Performance Medical does not accept Medical Insurance but if you reckon on the advantages, in terms of time to see a doctor and the discounted rate of medicines and laboratory tests, both in-house and external, you will find that it is a win-win situation.

The rates of membership are:

  • Single adult between ages of 18 to 62 – membership costs $ 55.00 / month
  • Family of two adults and one child – $ 110.00 / month
  • Additional dependent children – $ 10.00 / month
  • Adults over 63 – $ 100 / month

Additional medical options for healthy adults between 18 and 62 are also available

Additional Benefits at Peak Performance Medical:

Besides the commercial advantages and the hassle free access to see a doctor, Peak Performance Medical offers several advanced medical integrative strategies.  Some of the treatments available at a value add on premium are listed below.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

Testosterone in lay man’s reckoning is just another macho male hormone, but in actual truth, it is not so.  It is a vital hormone to feel energetic and in addition, it is also a crucial player in our body’s metabolic functions, chiefly the transition of glucose into the muscles to be burned as fuel. Clint Cornell PA-C regulates the infusion of testosterone and this can help you control your diabetes without any other medication. The replacement of testosterone has no ill side effects and has been known to reverse the effects of fatigue.

Class IV Laser Therapy:

This is also referred to as therapeutic laser therapy and unlike conventional laser therapy does not damage tissue.  Class IV Laser Therapy infuses the damaged cells with energy and hastens the healing process. Clint Cornell uses this therapy which is considered a wonderful therapy by sports persons as the healing time is short and this means they can get back into action and the arena in the quickest possible time.

 Platelet Rich Plasma:

Another treatment which is favored by sports persons is the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for its quick pain relief and healing of injuries.  As Clint Cornell Cincinnati  will tell you Peak Performance Medical has further improvised on Platelet Rich Plasma treatment and the effects are far reaching when compared to the standard treatment offered elsewhere.

For more details on the services available at Peak Performance Medical, feel free to contact Clint Cornell’s office at Cincinnati.