Clint Cornell PA-C –Enriching your Life


Besotted by family values enamored by the medical profession, you have in Clint Cornell the ideal family practitioner. A man with oodles of patience and loads of medical experience, he brings to the doctor’s room a breath of fresh air and innovative alternative medical healing practices.

Now associated with Peak Performance Medical, Clint Cornell PA-C, works in the field of both traditional primary and urgent care and is also associated with the integrative anti-aging medication.

What does Peak Performance Medical have to offer?

Peak Performance Medical at Cincinnati can be described as concierge medical care.  For a fixed monthly retainer you get to see your doctor without delay.  Since each of the doctors at Peak Performance Medical is assigned a limited number of patients, each doctor gets to spend more time with the patient and understand his medical history and arrive at an accurate diagnosis and the right medical solution.  It is fitting that an organization such as this has on its rolls Clint Cornell, a practitioner who will utilize the time factor to the optimum with his patients.

What’s more, Peak Performance Medical offers several integrative medical strategies such as nutrition therapy, chelation therapy, thyroid optimization therapy, hormone optimization etc. For sports persons, there’s a whole new shortcut to pain and injury treatment and reduction in down time away from the stadium.  Now isn’t that what every passionate sportsperson would love to hear?

Freedom from the hassles of Insurance

Peak Performance Medical does not accept insurance but given the economies of their modules, it can be more beneficial than an insurance cover.  In fact, your membership is your medical insurance, in a manner of speaking.  You are assured easy access to doctors in an emergency or illness. Most in-house tests, injections and procedures are complimentary.  Subsidized rates are applicable on external laboratory tests, prescription medicines, MRIs, ultrasounds etc. If you work out the math, the monthly retainer fee is very competitive.

Integrative Medical Strategies

Apart from the commercial savings given above at Peak Performance Medical, Clint Cornell Cincinnati opens up to you a whole new vista of alternative and integrative medicine. These medical strategies are not included in the regular membership but come in a package called Peak Performance Plus and include the following: 

Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

This is universally known that hormone responsible for staying youthful, energetic and healthy.  As the testosterone level drops our general health drops.  At Peak Performance Medical, Clint Cornell adopts a proactive approach through a series of examinations and tests, to ascertain latent health challenges.  As you can see it is a wide angle observation and evaluation of the possibility of other allied health issues such as thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, and nutritional deficiency.

Class IV Laser Therapy:

Sports persons look to Clint Cornell PA-C as a wonder worker when it comes to healing sports related injuries in a limited period of time and practically painlessly. Class IV Laser Therapy is one of the innovative and quick healing therapies. Using this method Clint Cornell infuses damaged cells with energy which quickens the process of healing and relieves the pain

Platelet Rich Plasma:

This is yet again another quick relief therapy for the sportsperson.  Among the rich and famous, Tiger Woods has received this therapy and benefited from it.  Sports related injuries, such as Achilles tendinitis, the ubiquitous knee pain, and plantar fascistic are some of the injuries which have been successfully set right with this treatment.  As Clint Cornell will have you know, chances of rejection or allergies are practically non-existent since it is the patients’ own cells that are being used.

For more details on Peak Performance Medical, you could contact the office of Clint Cornell Cincinnati.